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Where TESOL Can Take You...

With a Diploma in TESOL from TEACH International, you are qualified to take on a range of exciting Teach Abroad Programs, teaching and tutoring jobs.

TEACH International works with partners in China and abroad to offer exciting teaching and tutoring programs for suitably qualified TESOL Teachers.

A Diploma of TESOL is a great option if you are looking for work abroad and then come back to Australia and Teach English in ESL schools.


Why Study With US?


Our Teach Abroad Programs offer REAL PAYING JOBS. If you need experience we also offer work experience abroad that can lead to a job offer.


We have been teaching TESOL since 2002. With over 9,000 graduates, we have the experience to back ourselves any day of the week.


We have the LATEST and CURRENT  Nationally Accredited Diploma of TESOL 10318NAT that is also Internationally Recognised. 


Affordable payment plans can be tailored so that everyone can afford to get their TESOL qualification. 


Our Graduates Have Job Opportunities Once They Complete


Why The Diploma of TESOL Is A Great Option

  • The Demand Is High

    Over the past DECADE, the demand for QUALIFIED English teachers has grown dramatically. 

  • Earn More In Australia.

    If you are already a teacher you can earn a higher wage within your school

  • Some Countries Require A Higher Qualification

    Places like the UAE require you to have Diploma or even a Degree to work in such locations. 

What They're Saying

"Originally I wasn’t sure whether I needed to take a course to teach overseas. My career spans 26 years of teaching. I decided to pursue my dream of teaching abroad and from research and word of mouth, I discovered that it was necessary and advantageous to be certified in TESOL training.

Diploma of TESOL only $2,695 - Payment Plans Available


What's Involved With The Diploma...

The Diploma of TESOL will take you beyond the fundamental elements of language teaching and give you advanced knowledge in skills areas such as Syllabus Design and Delivering Specialist English classes.

The best of both worlds, our blended-learning model combines the convenience of online learning and practical teaching. Our learning model allows you to complete the diploma course online at your own pace, while you build up real skills

Specialised Units To Complete

  • TESAMT501A - Apply approaches and methods in TESOL

  • TESDES502A - Design ESL syllabus

  • TESAEL502A - Assess ESL learning

  • TESEAP502A - Teach English for academic purposes

  • TESESP502A - Teach English for specific purposes